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Aquaponic Demonstration Unit
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This aquaponic unit is a research , demonstration and educational unit growing  rainbow trout ( in the first instance) in tanks.
In simple terms:
The fish are fed proprietary feed dependant on their weight.
The fish water is then pumped through clayball growbeds which act as a filter and provides the necessary feed for the growing plants.
The cleansed water is then returned to the fish tanks.

This is a circulatory water system with the only top up of water required being through the loss of water due to evaporation.
The plants grown here will be primarily herbs and salad crops and later trialing other vegetables and crops.

Wednesday 21st May 2008 - Work started!               

  and by...                                 


Thursday 10th july 2008

Trying out the layout for fish tanks and growbeds:

Working on the drain outlet for the growbeds:

Wood has been glued to underside of growbeds to hold the pipework.

The orange bits are part of the B+Q workstands which are supporting the growbeds

Trying out the layout of the growbeds and plumbing work

First setup of tank and 8 growbeds

Wow ! we have water going through the system!

First setup settling in - no fish added yet though

Working on the second lay out

working on the second setup

Pipework for the recirculatory system

Top pipework with water control valve

underneath the larger white pipe for returning water to tank

First setup

Seedlings settling down in the clay ball beds

More seedlings

and getting the water flow and swirl  just right!

getting the tank ready before introducing the fish.

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