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Aquaponic Demonstration Unit
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Our first *Official* Aquaponic Open Day

Saturday 2nd May 2009

It was a warm sunny day and many people attended , some from as far away as London!

They all were astonished by the luxuriant growth in the Aquadrome as well as in the Hydroponic Unit and were very keen to set up their own units.

We wish them well.


Following an unfortunate accident on 30th May 2009

Overseer watches progress of fish and plants!!

Aided by his chum *Nelson*

New filters added to two of the fish tanks- Winter 2009

and just checking that all is working ok

February 2010

Under the lean-to we changed fish from one tank to another in order to clean out the tank

ready for a new batch of common and mirror carp

Carp and goldfish

In the aquadrome -we took delivery of some nice trout fingerlings

here are some of them

unfortunately you have to be very quick with the camera!

April 2010

Cauliiflowers growing in the aqua system.

Summer growth keeps apace!

Chervil- watercrtess and pretty flowers

August growth

Tomato plants reaching for the roof.

Healthy broccolli

A rather large trout! 62.55oz

And the most important part - record keeping.

November 2010

Tasty French Tarragon slowly coming to the end of this years growth.

Mustard leaves, Celery and parsley have all done well

young Brussel Sprouts just forming - ready for Christmas!

November Tomatoes slowly ripening

This was just one tomato plant that was taken outy of the growbd.

and then the cold weather arrived with a vengeance!

icicles galore! and the carp tanks-

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