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Elevated Aquaponics
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This was the old system that we dismantled.We saved the clayballs for the new system.This is winter 2010/2011

The main frame was installed with the help of a neighbour.

The framework and flooring went up in no time at all!

Next- the stairs had to be built

steps are much easier than using a ladder

Al the growbeds will be elevated with the fish tank underneath.

Here is the pipework being sorted out.

and all the plumbing...

The pump was placed in an IBC

with a double flow of water from the fish tank into the IBC where it has to go through Japanese matting before being taken around the growbeds

one large aerator placed in the fish tank and we are ready for the off!

Rainbow trout were added during our March 2011 weekend course - when students learnt how to test the system before introducing fish.


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