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                                               (Mint hydroponically grown)

All the plants start their lives as seedlings which are germinated in the bedding facilities, either in compost or in rockwool cubes (ready for placing in a hydroponic unit)

After a few weeks they are moved on to the poly-tunnels to develop for another month before being taken either to the fields for planting , potted up as pot plants or placed in hydroponic units which eliminates the need for weeding.

Using organic techniques requires extra effort to ensure that the weed population is kept at bay and that the pests and bugs don't destroy the plants.
Growing the plants hydroponically makes for a `cleaner` plant and for a much higher yield in  terms of growth of foliage and/or blooms. Another hydroponic bonus is that a much longer growing time can be achieved. In 2005 we were eating strawberries from May through to December!!!

Seedlings growing in Fleximix which is a mixture of biodegrable mediums.

and seedlings growing in rockwool cubes.

We are trying to find the best method to give the seeds the best start!

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 January 2011 )
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