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  • July 3rd 2006 - Demonstration Hydroponic Unit - First Open Day

The Anglesey project was funded through the European Leader programme with support from Anglesey Council and the Welsh Assembly Government.

Many people came to our Open Day - and were pleasantly surprised by the variety of plants that can be grown without soil.

It was a pleasantly warm day and we were fortunate in having a breeze to help keep the temperatures down.

An interesting article is to found at


July 2006

In the demonstration unit we had growing:

Sweet Peas - Carnation  - Calendula (marigold)-Nasturtium - Lavender - Helychrysum

French Marigold (tagetes) - Sweet William-Okra  - Peppers -  Pak Choi

Tomatoes -  Runner Beans -  Cucumber - Courgette

Many different varieties of Lettuce  - Cabbage greyhound

Sage green - Sage tricolour - Sage golden - Sage purple

Rosemar-  Thyme   -French Tarragon

Mint -   Chives -  Stevia (sweet herb of Peru)Roquette  - Basil  - Coriander


April 15th 2007

Our new addition - settling in well

Another Bouvier des Flandres called Chewbaka - a friend for Maisie  and our Kerry Blue terrier  - the infamous Nelson!


                                       Building Floating Beds

Building wooden frame



Line with thick plastic watched by Nelson and Chewy  

           Second water bed made up

Thin Polystyrene sheet measured up and holes cut for pots                             

 Close up of small pots and little basket pots awaiting seedlings.


  Note Bubbler on top left to aerate the water !




120 plants growing well - June 10th 2007 

and....12 days later - 22nd June-wow what a difference!

 3rd Floating Bed! Takes 105 plants

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