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Runner beans excelled themselves and did remarkably well in the hydroponic system without the stringyness experienced with earth grown beans.

  Purple beans and green peas


Harvesting squashes (buttercup)

Time to plant more seedlings!


                                                    September 2007

Excess produce disposal unit !


settling in nicely - and enjoying their new varied diet!                    


September 2007

Busy putting up crop bars

Buttercup squashes still growing 29.09.07

Plenty of tomatoes and still ripening !

10th October 2007

Crop bars in place - winter lettuce and oriental greens growing well on central table.

Clearing out of old rockwool blocks and relining runs with thick black plastic to stop the leaking at joints of the runs.

So far this has been successful. Note also the large roll of bubble plastic which we will use to create a tent like structure over the winter plants.

We have rigged up a lighting system using energy efficient bulbs which give us an extra 4 hours of light each day ( on a timer).  The rough cost of running these six bulbs works out at 7pence a day.

The bubble plastic has been erected to help keep the warmth from the light bulbs from dissipating into the atmosphere!

As winter approaches this will help protect the plants from frost.

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