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 July 2011

Our second two day course of the year.

The weather was kind to us and here we are planning the weekend.

students put together a simple flood and drain system and had a discussion about it!

Discussion on carp tanks and the benefit of duck weed-

students took many pictures!

Grub time enjoyed in the sun!

                                                    and more pigs were born in August

                                                                                              Duchess gave birth to eight cheeky little ones:


really cheeky!

                                                                         and we had some stray visitors_found wandering by ur gate.....


Everything very slow growing due to the long winter followed by a wet


At long last (June) things are starting to grow !

What a wonderful aroma!

Parsley especially has surpassed itself!

And along come all the nasty insects - so we use other NICE insects to eat the bad ones

June 2012

Anglesey Walkers

visiting Food Producers of the island

Learning about hydroponic growing

Duchess a week before farrowing- cooling herself in the mud !

and then - bang on time - 3 months-3 weeks and 3 days after AI

Ten little pickles!!!

and eight weeks later....

in the orchard with mother!

then we had a visit from some Young Farmers - Llangefni Branch

and they were shown around the hydroponic and aquaponic units

It was a horrendous dark wet evening but we believe that they enjoyed themselves!

November 2012

And more and more rain fell

oops - water in the aquadrome - and because the greenhouses were also under water -there was nowhere for this water to flow to !!

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