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A long wet cold winter brought with it a few problems to say the least.

First of all the polytunnel by the road tore and had to be covered with a tarpaulin,

 but this did not last very long and when the next big blow came the remaining plastic had to be cut off

and it could have caused problems to the passing traffic..

secondly our large hydrodome split after another storm and this again was covered by an emergency tarpaulin - but

this unfortunately did not last very long as the wind just wrecked this also- causing no end of damage.

You can imagine that we were not very happy !.

Where does one to start?

So much work now to do - to clean and tidy up and then to start all over again!

They say that patience is a virtue! 

But we persevered and managed to get the roadside poly cover back on and slowly working again

but not up to our usual salad rotation - we lost a few months growth and sales

August - now fully back in action.

Then we hired a JCB to come and redig the trench around the hydrodome

in order that the plastic cover could be buried safely

Next our friends and neighbours very kindly came and gave us a hand

to recover the large hydrodome


We were fortunate that we managed to choose one rare day with sun and without a breeze!

But it was hot work never the less !

Not long after we managed to set up and refill the hydrodome as we had plants desperate to be grown on !

But again - we lost a lot of valuable growing and selling time.


In July our sow Duchess gave birth to ten healthy piglets,

 and we have had a lot of enjoyment watching the antics of her and her *naughty* children !


and we had some visitors from South Wales and some swallows !


Growth in aquadrome kept apace and we were busy growing and selling broccolli, cauliflower, rocket and nasturtiums


Looking good in July 2013

Last Updated ( Friday, 21 February 2014 )
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