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Strawberry Project -Ongoing! PDF Print E-mail
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Strawberry Project -Ongoing!
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April 29th 2007

First strawberry of the season eaten - beautiful !

May 3rd 2007

Coming on nicely ! varying staggered stages of ripening and growth


Sunday 6th May 2007

2 1/2 lbs picked today - enough for a feast!

The growers wife picks the fruit carefully and the grower shows off his early crop!

The first good pickings of the year.

Cut up and ready to eat with lashings of extra thick cream !

October 19th 2007

Strawberries still growing well - slowed down slightly due to colder nights.

And with just a sprinkling of sugar !

With some rice pudding - thats our supper sorted!

Conclusions to this project:

Whilst the project was successfull we feel that we could do with some modifications.

Whilst we are still picking strawberries in November- we are going to move the frame to a netted polytunnel frame for next year 2008.

The two main problems we had were the poly got too hot in the sun and the strawberries were cooking!

Also the weight of the plants was pulling the whole plants out of the channel.

We hope to plant into perlite next year (which should hold the roots better) and into more open gulleys.

Another problem we had was with the field mice who loved eating the biggest strawberries that they could find , and all attempts at catching the blighters was futuile.

Watch this space for how we get on !


Strawberries were moved into a netted polytunnel - to allow for more ventilation.

The strawberries were grown in the same runs but rooting into clay balls .

This seems to be working well and we have had quite a lot of strawberries already this year,even allowing for the inclement weather!

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