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Strawberry Project -Ongoing! PDF Print E-mail
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Strawberry Project -Ongoing!
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Mother wanted some strawberries in the main polytunnel!

 So- we started the year with building another strawberry frame in the main hydroponic tunnel.

This is to be made up of all odds and ends of material that we have lying around the place.

We have found that the Aframe setup to be the easiest to manage and obviously takes up less space than planting in the ground- and of course - no weeding!

The timber used here was part of the pallet on which the classroom was delivered.

Up to now it had been left lying in the field.

Crossbars were added to make the frame more stable.

Pipes were used that had been lying around the place!

Guttering supports were used to support the pipework

We tried to space the pipework to allow for quite a few starwberry plants!

Round holes were cut at equal distances  in the pipes for the strawberry plants.

To support the plants we place them in 110mm offcuts of 40mm waste pipe(old scraps) which will be inserted into these grow tubes.

Each growtube will take 15 plants and 5 tiers will hold 75 plants.

Next step is to rig up the irrigation system.

The plant roots will dangle in the passing nutrient water,

The small pump in the reservoir has a 3metre head and pumps 2500litres an hour

and the pipework is 19mm diameter.

Securing the pipework with pipe clips.

4mm distribution pipes plugged into the 19mmfeed pipe

Individual feeds to each grow tube.

The system up and running - now waiting for warmer weather before placing the strawberry plants in the growtubes.

The cost of the project up to now

Timber+growtubes+ white pipe+old reservoir =£ 0

Pump =£24.00

Feed pipework and fittings = £8.00

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