Elevated Aquaponics

First System:

Making use of an 8 foot by 8 foot area -we have built a system that will have 8 growbeds and using a 1000 gallon fish tank for rainbow trout which will be sunk into the ground outside.

There are 6 growbeds on the upper floor and a large growbed on the lower floor.All of these inside, with one growbed outside alongside the fishtank.


First we measured up carefully..

Extra hands helped to make the building work easier!

Base floor in and top floor support being put in..

next - the flooring

 checking the top floor and taking a break!

stairway being built

stairway nearly ready

Next - sorting out the growbeds and the pipework

testing the system to make sure everything flows nicely and that there are no leaks!

Note the external fish tank plus an outside growbed and spare growbeds if needed

six growbeds upstairs all containing clay balls

large lower growbed

outside fish tank with plumbing pipes all working

 We envisage growing medicinal and culinary herbs in this new system.

And then we started on a second system!

This was the old system that we dismantled.We saved the clayballs for the new system.This is winter 2010/2011

The main frame was installed with the help of a neighbour.

The framework and flooring went up in no time at all!

Next- the stairs had to be built

steps are much easier than using a ladder

Al the growbeds will be elevated with the fish tank underneath.

Here is the pipework being sorted out.

and all the plumbing...

The pump was placed in an IBC

with a double flow of water from the fish tank into the IBC where it has to go through Japanese matting before being taken around the growbeds

one large aerator placed in the fish tank and we are ready for the off!

Rainbow trout were added during our March 2011 weekend course - when students learnt how to test the system before introducing fish.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 19 March 2011 )